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I am from the North East of Turkey, Caucasus mountains in Kars, having the Turcoman Alevi culture in my heritage, harvesting and horse riding in my childhood, though moved and lived in Istanbul since 60's.

I studied biology human genetics and worked in a Medical lab for 15 years before moving to Kas and meeting Tunc my beloved husband and partner.

I started photography in 1975 and travelled locally around Turkey exploring the esthetics of nature and inherited local life. I am more a narrative photographer trying to express myself in feeling rather than words.

We find opportunities in traveling enjoying both photographing the ethnic life and searching for stories. Until now Silkroad has been one of the most appealing destinations for me to full-fill my dreams and I travel all around as far as I can.

Recently we run an antique shop in Kas/Turkey and sell items we collect in our travels.


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I have a Bachelor's degree in Biology from University of Istanbul. Though photography is a self taught profession for me, I have served over 25 years in IFSAK (Istanbul Photography and Cinema Amateurs Club) on the managing board and several different assignments.

Awards & Nominations:

Golden medal in Haliç Istanbul Municipality Competition

Exhibition award in British Consulate Istanbul Competition

Kas Municipality Culture House Honor Award

Participated in many personal and joined domestic exhibitions.

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